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We are experienced attorneys fully dedicated to you

Providing services for your custom legal needs since 1996. 

Everyone who seeks council with the law offices of Kurt H. Siebert, is treated equally under the law.  We will help you navigate through clear and fair processes provided  by your rights and put into practice by our expertise.  We will serve both you and the law with integrity.

Our Philosophy

The Law Comes First

Every person is equal before the law and is entitled to the equal protection of the law without discrimination.  We are committed to upholding these venerated principles.

Honest Communication

Whatever your needs may be, we pledge to provide you with straightforward and sound legal advice.  Our discussion always focuses on truthful and actionable options.

Committed to Excellence

When you are our client, we are bound professionally and emotionally to the course of action we agree upon as lawyer and client; a choice we do not take lightly.

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