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Honest advice concerning the merits of your case

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Kurt H. Siebert, Attorney at Law has been practicing in the area of civil litigation for nearly 30 years. We speak with people frequently who have been wronged and are searching for justice. We learn the facts of each case and suggest options that may be of help. 

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A lawsuit is often an option, but is not always our preferred option. This is because a lawsuit may not be the appropriate tool to address the wrong. If used unwisely, a lawsuit can make matters worse, not better. Every case is unique and is determined on its own facts and merits. This means that even where the facts and legal issues are similar to those of another person’s case, the outcome can be completely different.

Partnering With You

At Kurt H. Siebert, Attorney at Law, litigation is rarely our first choice, but sometimes it is
unavoidable. When faced with litigation, it is important to partner with an attorney who is experienced, who will give you honest advice concerning the merits of your case, and who will aggressively protect your rights. We will make the process as easy as possible by explaining the proceeding as it unfolds, by partnering with you in discovering important facts, developing and communicating an effective strategy and by keeping you informed of all significant developments.

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